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Running a business, big or small, takes time and money.  Sometimes you just don’t have one or the other or sometimes even both. PoorBoy can help when it comes to your marketing needs.  We’ll take the time out of running from one place to the next just trying to get all your necessary marketing material.  Much of the time we can have it delivered right to your door.  Be assured you’ll be investing in a quality product at a competitive price.

We can help you with:

Graphic Design & Illustration

Design is the cornerstone of PoorBoy Design Works.  We’ve been designing nearly 20years.  Times have changed since then, but we’ve managed to keep up.  We work with the latest design programs like, Photoshop™, Illustrator™, Indesign™, just to name a few.

We are also creatively experienced in illustration. This could include illustrating things like products, people, cartoons, editorial illustration, etc. Sometimes these projects are created digitally and sometimes traditionally with analog tools like pencil, pen, paint, airbrush, etc.


We have a extensive amount of options when if comes to printing.  From business cards to package printing. Top Quality Print brought to you by a first-class team of professionals working with state-of-the-art production equipment!

We print on everything from a variety of quality paper to card stock to even plastics.  One color, full color, to specialty finish like foil and embossing we can take your project to another level. Our finish also covers a broad spectrum of capabilities.


Again, PoorBoy offers a wide variety of options when it come to signs.  This could be anything from inexpensive yard sale signs to illuminated monument.  In most cases sign projects are completed in-house, but in some cases we will contact you with our outside source for more elaborate projects that need a sign contractor to complete, but be assured we will oversee the project to maintain the quality you deserve as our client.

Large Format Printing

With our Roland VS 540 we are able to print on a large selection of materials.  For example we print on vinyl, banners, to canvas. This can be utilized for so many different applications; vehicle wraps, banners, wall murals, short runs of product stickers.

Our equipment has the ability to print and cut, so the limits are almost impossible for what we can create on a large scale.

Web Based Marketing

We are in an ever evolving world of design and marketing and nowhere is that more evident than the internet.  PoorBoy has always had a firm understanding of this and offers it’s clients help with developing their internet marketing strategies.  We can help with building a new website to show off your abilities and services.  You may be advertising with other companies and need someone to help design ads that drive potential clients to you. We can work with outside vendors to develop a marketing strategy that will work for you.

Print Based Marketing

Whether it may be a yellow page ad or a door hanger PoorBoy can develop stimulating printed piece that get your message to you customer base.  We’ve worked with all sorts of print media and have a firm understanding of how each of these advertisers work.  We can work hand in hand with them in your favor to develop great campaigns.

We can also get you in touch with different advertisers to generate business for you.

Printed Apparel & Gear

Need to outfit you employees or looking start a line of the hottest T-shirts? PoorBoy works with great Local screen printers as well as nationally know web based printers that can take a great design and create wearable marketing material.  In most cases we work closely with our screen printers to insure your project is as expected.  We carry a wide variety of apparel and accessories.

Also if you are just needing to create one specialty T shirt for an event we can also accommodate that with you full color heat press prints.


So you’ve developed the next great product, be it a health snack or sports equipment, how’s this going to be viewed on the shelf?  Packaging is, many time, as important as the product itself.

PoorBoy can help with creating these containers to help draw the customer to purchase.  It can be a simple standup bag, a custom folded box or even a thermoformed package. We even can help with getting you in contact with a manufacturer or work with your’s.

Colleagues & Associates

PoorBoy has been in business for nearly a decade and we’ve met a lot of great people who do all sorts of amazing things.  Our business philosophy to help others that help you. We’ve worked with companies that do all sorts of things like; packaging, SEO marketing, email marketing, food co-packing, printing, furniture design, electrical signage, welding and fabrication, paint and restoration. Contact us and we might just have someone that can fill your needs.

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