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Illustration, Art, and Cartoons

From pencil and paper to paint and canvas, to doodles and digital files; developing imagery to represent your ideas is what we call fun. Nothing makes us happier than an idea, a stack of blank paper and a sharp #2 to visually develop a concept. And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy to our clients face after we’ve finalized the project. This could be anything from a mural to a mockup of you new product to a one of a kind piece of commissioned artwork of a loved one. This has been one of our core abilities since our inception. The possibilities are endless.

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Graphic Design
Print & Web

“Is this business card speaking to me?” Your business has a voice and a message that needs to be conveyed. PoorBoy takes that message and give it a visual presences, through images, type and even texture. We develop marketing material to help maintain the consistent brand.  Having consistency in your branding helps clients recognize you out of the crowd, even if they never read a word of your advertising. This helps them feel comfortable with you without even ever speaking to you.

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Environmental Graphics


"Signs, signs, everywhere are signs." But sometimes signs help the scenery. PoorBoy signs not only help convey a statement to a viewer/customer but aesthetically fit into their environment.  This may be through the use of unique materials like metal, plastic, foam, or wood.  It could also be from the use of texture, space and dimension.  We like to make signs that pop and you want to reach out and touch, not just read. We take pride in knowing that the signs we create will work for the client and continue for years to come.

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Corporate Branding


PoorBoy Boy logos are fresh and ready to start working for your business.  We've been designing logos for a wide variety of industries for years.

We never use overly processed fonts and the illustrations are one of a kind. Our designs reflect the company's or product's  beliefs, purpose and/or intent.

Also, our logos have a long shelf life that will keep your business looking great for years to come.

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