Getting to Know PoorBoy

Poorboy Design Works is the idea of James West a small town boy from Auburn, California.  He always had a knack for drawing as a child.  Anytime anyone need a yard sale sign or a poster for a school event he was the “man” for the job.  After high school he pursued a career in graphic design.  During college in Miami, Florida he had the esteemed pleasure of working with Kerry Kruger and Rob Cooper, two renowned sign painters by way of internship.  He went on to learn the skills of sign painting, woodworking, screen printing and also picked up a few tricks with the computer. Poorboy now works with some of the latest printing technologies and software to bring your design projects to life.

Poorboy Design Works was started in 2001 and continues to evolve.   With his beautiful wife Valerie and his daughters Vivian and Josephine they work from their home in the wonderful area of Elk Grove California, just ten minutes from the Sacramento area.


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